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Effective teaching and learning among academic staff and students depend more and more on ICT-enabled technology. Although they had previously been utilised to supplement classroom pedagogy, they became the predominate modality and tools for a successful teaching and learning process during the lockdown brought on by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Hardware, software, and online video conferencing tools make up ICT-enabled technology. MS Teams has been subscribed to by the college so that faculty members can utilise it as needed. The additional online platforms used for classes, meetings, webinars, and special speeches were Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, and Google Classrooms.

15 computers are available to both students and faculty at the college. Two smart classrooms are available, each with computers, projectors, and speakers. A projector and speakers are available in the college's one seminar halls. The campus's W-Fi network is available throughout, and it connects the college's offices, e-library, seminar rooms, and departments. The usage of this facility for online/hybrid conference meetings, online classroom instruction, etc., is done by several departments.

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